Monday, 28 September 2009

Kids with style

I love children clothes, there's always something so fresh in them. If i was able to wear their clothes everyday i would! Now I'm wishing i had a little sister so i can dress her up. Plus added to their adorable faces, anything would look cute on them! :)

Suri Cruise and her adorable dresses <3

Has anyone listened to Paramore's new album? Personally i really enjoyed it and i can't stop listening to "Playing God". Have a great day!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Through the alleyways to cool off in the shadows

(left to right)
Dress - Topshop; Shoes - H&M
Sleeveless Top - Topshop; Long Sleeve Shirt - Disney; Sneakers - H&M

Another sunny day outside, we went to the nearest playground which used to be filled with children playing and screaming/laughing. I wonder what happened? I guess the weather is just a bit too hot and they stopped coming out for a while. I thought the natural sunlight was absolutely beautiful in the pictures! We've both have baked some delicious cakes; Baked cheesecake and Red Velvet cake :D

Oh we've also been listening to Jay-z and Alicia Keys - Empire state of mind, it is a genre we usually don't listen to but the collaboration was great and Alicia Key's piano and voice is magnificent.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Zooey Deschanel

all images from:

There's something about this half french half irish girl that is so intriguing. I saw her on screen in (500) days of Summer a couple of days back (yes Australia is very late when it comes to movies), and she was just the cutest! I love her vintage-indie style of dressing in that movie, despite the fact that the ending of the movie made me go "WOT?!" with a british accent.

I simply adore the outfit she wore in the first picture. I love the details of the skirt (reminds me of fish scales), and the wooden heart shaped necklace is the perfect cherry topping to the white dress! Actually I think she might be wearing two pieces of clothing. Ohmg, I'm craving for some caramel pudding. I wish it would magically drop from the sky as of this very moment.

Okay dokes, I gotta head off to Woolworths now to do some grocery shopping! I love grocery shopping and wandering around in the aisles :D

Hope you all had a great weekend.

P.S. I'm currently hooked on Athlete's new album; Black Swan. All the songs from there are so condensed with emotions and honesty. I especially love the song called Black Swan Song, it's a song about Joel's grandfather who recently has just passed away (may he rest in peace).

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The sky is blue, the valley low, the river wide

(left to right)
Navy blue top - Zara; Shorts - DIY bleached denim; Shoes - MoA; Necklace - Bandung
White top - Mango; Skirt - H&M; Shoes - ZARA; Sunglasses - River Island; Necklace - Bandung

(left) Top - Splash; Shorts - DIY bleached denim; Shoes - Camden Lock; Necklace -Bandung
It still feels like summer here even though school has started, it gets better when afternoon comes though. The sky would be clear and the sun would shine really brightly that it's enough to make your skin go red in a minute or so, can't wait for winter!

Listen to Lucy Schwartz - I Don't Know A Thing, the song reminds me of summer plus a clueless person who's moving forward and waiting whatever there is to come :D

Have a nice day you all!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Heeeeh Tao Okamato looks like a cute kitten on that picture :D

Dorothea is probably my favourite face out there! She has stunning features, only 18 and yet she has walked for many shows such as Marc Jacobs, Prada, Burberry Prorsum, Jill Stuart and more.

On the other hand, I've been bleaching my unused denim pants and so far they've turned out really good. I've got different colour combination and this urge me to bleach more of my denim's! What an addictive thing to do. I'm listening to Russian Red- Cigarettes, gosh her voice is adorable :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009







I just loveeeeee head accesories! I can never get enough of them. Me and head accesories is like.. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. Ok, maybe not really, 'cause I don't sing and dance me heart out for head accesories.. or maybe I do (secretly).

Omg I've just discovered the most delicioustest (does that word even exists?!) ice cream flavour ever! Lemon ice-cream flavour! It tastes soooooo good. The bittersweetness is just perfect. I mean I am a fan of mon family fruits (lemon, melon, watermelon), but never in my life have I tasted lemon ice-cream flavour! The taste of lemon always reminds me of how it feels like to fall in and out of love. The bitter taste of lemon is the hurt due to conflicts, arguments, fights, or even the end, which is the break up. And as for the sweet taste is the feeling of falling in love. Those tingly, warm, fuzzy, butterfly-ey feeling.

Oh! And the colour of the lemon ice-cream was white! :D What's your favourite fruit and ice-cream flavour? I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Peace & love!

P.S. I recommend you to listen to Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event :)

Friday, 4 September 2009

It's on with Alexa Chung

As you all know, she's the host of "It's on with Alexa Chung" which MTV broadcasts. Without no doubt, it's my favorite! One of the reasons is of course to love her rad sense of style. I feel that her looks are very laid back and effortless. Therefore, the rule "Less is more" absolutely applies! Here are my favourite off-red-carpet looks which I had difficulties to choose.

The winner! Just love the combination of that cardigan and the printed tee.