Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The 1950s

Ahh the 1950s.. there's something that is so admiring about that era. Sometimes I do wish that I lived around that time. Gorgeous clothes. Music that makes your feet tap. Talking with that 1950s accent. Sending postcards instead of sending emails or chatting on MSN. Yes. The 50s sounds lovely and perfect for me.
Apologies beforehand for the picture overload, but I just couldn't resist myself! I can't help but imagine my head (or rather body) in each of these 50s clothing! I especially love the make up style back then, with (fairly) thick eyebrows, red lush lipstick. I think the make up is the cherry on top.

P.S. I'm a fan of The Swell Season and recently (well more like last month) they released their new album called Strict Joy. I recommend everyone who enjoys Glen's husky's voice and Marketa's soothing voice to listen to their new album :) The song In These Arms is my favourite.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Dress - Miss Shop; Cardigan - United Colours of Benetton ; Stockings - Melbourne Central

Dress - Topshop; Cardigan - Mango; Stockings - Melbourne Central; Shoes - Bata

How are you feeling today, folks? I'm feeling fantastic despite the fact that I just woke up with this little person hammering in my head. We played a very intense badminton last night, it was really fun! Covered in sweat didn't bother us though because the weather last night was hella awesome. I hope winter will pay us a looong loong visit this year.

We went to Joshua Radin's gig awhile ago, we tried to hinder from the crazed fans out there therefore no, we didn't try to touch his hand or shout "marry me". Yes we are his much more cooler fans, totally. He was amazing btw, he sounded as good on recording as he does live! Hmmm, what shall I recommend for our Saturday tune then? Try listening to Monogrenade – Ce Soir, a dear friend of mine recommended it to me.
P.S. I'll be seeing The Pains of Being Pure at Heart live at Melbourne on 17th of February! How exciting! :D