Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sleep don't weep

Dress - Camberwell Market
Denim jacket - Mom's
Rings - St Kilda Market

Jacket - Camberwell Market
Tights - Forever New
Skirt - Supre

Shoes (left) - Camderwell Market
Shoes (right) - 2nd hand

Hey you guys! It's been a while but quiet a few things has happened lately. We've just watched The Swell Season concert, it was amazing! For those who don't know them check them out pretty please and watch Glen's and Marketa's movie 'Once'. It was beautiful listening to Glen singing and the whole crew too. Especially when he sang 'Say it to me', it probably gave shiver to the whole crowd.

Also yesterday we went and saw a movie called 'Welcome' in the cinema. It's a French movie about an Iraqi immigrant boy who is trying to get to UK but kept getting caught, until he met this one guy. Anyways i won't spoil anything because you have to watch it, but be warn the movie will make you feel all low and blue. Oh and it's funny after we watch a movie we came across this French guy down the street singing while playing the guitar, we asked if he could play us a song and he sang all these lovely French songs and some of his personal ones too. It's funny how he looks so much like Glen Hansard from The Swell Season and how he is playing guitar down the street. His name was Remi and he was a very lovely guy. He gave both of us a hug after we listened to couple of his songs and that made our feelings a little less blue! I really hope we can bump into him again, afterall Melbourne is quiet a small place :)