Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dancing in the stacks

Dress: Camberwell Market
Shoes: Camberwell Market

Dress: Retrostar
Shoes: Ebay

Hellow lovelies! Last week we went off to a warehouse that sells second hand clothing for $10 and $5! They're called star. It was such a delight being there because there was so many pretty clothes and hey it was worth going even though they wren't selling shoes (which i desperately need).

Other than that, this week i have learnt how to make proper coffee. Not the instant ones but like a Barista! :P It was such an awesome experience and to be honest i loathe coffee. I can't handle the taste but for some odd reason i drank 3 cups off coffee in that class and it's def. my last try (or not). I have learnt how to grind a coffee, how to make white latte, long and short black, machiato, coffee latte and the shots. It was really fascintating learning about coffees, they're complicated to deal with but the reason i took this class was so that i can get a part time job. I actually want to go the class again just so i can play around and make pretty art on the coffee. I love it! Does anyone have jobs that involves with coffee making??

By the way for those who are in Australia, we have an ebay account that sells second hand things! Check it, it's called summer strings (click!) The first mini dress is on sale! :)