Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Boy meets world + happy new years

Left and right picture: Chloe Sevigny
Middle picture: I'm not sure who this is, does anyone know? But that checkered peterpan collar with denim skirt is just a match made in heaven.
Source: Tumblr

I want to marry that outfit. I don't know what it's called, but for now I'll just call it skirt with suspenders, I want it.

High socks with converse shoes, yum.

I love this scene. It reminds me of Grease as well. I really adore the cut off denim shirt that sort of look like a long vest.

I tried to get a screen cap of the details on the skirt. I think that's a zipper at the front with two silver buttons. It looks like a floral skirt.

I grew up watching boy meets world. I love this tv series, it's funny and original. I love how in almost every episodes there's a lesson to be learned. A lesson in life. I watched it again a month ago. I only got up to the 5th season though. I was so inspired by the outfits they were wearing in the first few seasons. I love how they look in general. I'm completely in love with fashion from the 90s. I adore the cut off overall Chloe Sevigny is wearing. I used to love wearing overalls all the time, just because that's the only thing that fits me. The above pictures are taken from season 2 of boy meets world.

Happy new years everyone! I hope you all had a lovely year. I sure did, sort of. Do you have any new year resolution? I can never stick to my resolution, I give up half way! So this year I decided I should do the 365 project, one photograph a day. I'm flying back to Melbourne today, so excited.

Also, I'm still completely in love with this: Christopher Kane, Erdem.


  1. Ahh Boy Meets World was just the coolest program, when did TV get so lame?!
    90s fashion rocks! Great post

    Happy New Year
    Wish you the very best for 2011

  2. Great post!!:) Thank you for commenting on my blog:) Follow each other?? xx

    Happy New Year!:)

  3. I love how inspiring older/old tv is... I really want to dig up a jacket just like the denim one in the last pic. it's so perfectly cropped. Happy New Years!!!!!

  4. Love the first collage!

    the girl in the middle is awesome!!

    Happy new year!!!!

  5. hello Lovely,

    thanks so much for your comment ;)

    i love the first images....great!

    I´m your follower....please follow my blog! Thanks!

    Happy new year & Kisses

  6. really nice! love the 90s grunge boho look sooooooooo much! The girl in the middle of the first row looks very much like Alexa Chung, doesn't she? I know, it isn't her but the clothing style and the hair do is really what Alexa is famous for!

    Currently, I do have also a post about that style - it is my inspiration for 2011!

  7. oh wow I used to LOVE boy meets world!
    great post dear!
    have a happy new year!
    follow each other? xo

  8. oh man, i just love 90s vibes, so much denim and floral together - match made in heaven.
    good luck with your 365 project! you have way more tenacity than me just by trying it out! x

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    :) x x x

  10. 90s are great!! I kinda want to relive it again :p and chloe, she's such a sweetheart

  11. Oh my gosh, I want to be your new best friend. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who loves the clothes on Boy Meets World! I seriously love the suspender skirt outfit. I remember seeing that a couple weeks and wanting her outfit!