Sunday, 12 July 2009

Strawberry cheesake is my favourite ice cream, what's yours?

Today, my family went out to chill in Villagio. It was strange because I didn't have the urge to shop unlike my brother for the first time in his life. He also bought me a wallet which I had been lurking from time to time. I really love it when all of us gather together because everyone is usually in such a good mood! hahahaha.

Okay, when is said I didn't have the urge to shop, I actually still bought a few things; the funky sunglasses in the picture, a skirt from H&M and a pair of adidas shoes - comfy for traveling!
Besides, I really need to start shopping for school since they changed the dressing rules. Gawd.

Dress & Cardigan - GAP
Headband - Monsoon Accessorize
Sunglasses - River Island


  1. Shopping with my bro is like our catch up time, i love it! We people watch and eat yummy food. Then he normal spoils me with a small gift, while I try to pick out a potential partner for him. :) Funny times.

    My favourite is plain old vanilla with nuts for crunch. :)

    Jess :)

  2. The outfit is incredibly lovely. The dress is really cute and the cardi is gorgeous. *

  3. Your dress is pretty cute. My favorite is chocolate with sprinkles on top.

  4. Hi, your sunglasses are just too cool!!! And the cardy is super cute! My favourite is tofee with loads and loads and loads of syrup poured over :)

    Have a look at my blog if you have time please :)

  5. aw that's so cool your family can hang out and get on with eachother!! haha yes, MGMT is coming to NZ, very excited :)

    I love watermelon gelato.

  6. Nice jacket! I need a new wallet!

  7. wow, how do you edit your photos? they look really good! :)

  8. thanks. i linked u at

  9. i like shopping with my brother too! i get to dress him up so it's fun! haha

    as for my favorite ice cream, coffee flavored!

  10. I have the same cardi! I like how you put your outfit together (Y)