Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ahoy "person on the other side"

Headband - Sportsgirl
Striped top (Mum's old clothing) - Giordano
High waisted pants - H&M
Vintage sling bag (Mum's) - Lily
Bracelets - Opportunity shop & Lily

I've always loved Mum's striped top! I wore it so often in year nine, but I stopped wearing it for some awkward reason, maybe I got bored. Then last saturday when Mum told me to attend a compolsury family event, I had a sudden want of wearing the top, so I went in Mum's room and looked deep in her closet of clothes for it. Thank goodness she hasn't given it away yet!

- I'm currently in love with Mum's vintage bags <3


  1. I visit my mother closet way too often. She has got such great things and I love to get everything she doesn't want or wear anymore. Plus, it's a really cheap way to get new clothes. ;)

  2. Aaah, yes, so do I! I feel excited whenever I find something 'new' to wear from her closet :D

  3. ah yes, mom's wonderful collection of vintage :o)

  4. Mmhmm they're always yummy aren't they? :D